FPSO Compressors


Print Page – Compressor Installations on FPSO’s

Tech Transfer has been involved in the design and analysis of reciprocating compressor installations on more than 40 FPSOs. During the last 25 years, we have completed the design and analysis for the largest reciprocating compressors installed on FPSOs.

We have the ability to accurately perform the following for any structural module or deck installation: stress analysis for lift, transportation, operation and storm conditions and ship’s hull stiffness. Also, we can conduct accurate natural frequency analysis with simulation of compressor operation, vibration and fatigue.

Tech Transfer’s compressor module designs have provided the FPSO industry with successful and reliable applications of reciprocating compressors for Gas Lift, Fuel Booster and Flash Gas services. These designs have been developed to solve past field problems on FPSOs, which are unique to this application. When Tech Transfer performs a reciprocating compressor module design and analysis, major pulsation and vibration problems are eliminated, which results in safe, reliable operation.